CIMEX is Charter’s proprietary, automated, Web-based system designed to collect, maintain and report the data and documentation we compile and/or prepare for our clients. This state-of-the-art system allows clients to track the status of transactions, download and analyze import and export data and access electronic copies of all documents. CIMEX maintains and makes data available at a detailed level not available on other systems. The seamless interface of data and documents is a powerful tool that permits fast, efficient, real-time review of all transactions.

In addition to data collection, storage and reporting, the CIMEX system maintains electronic images of all customs and commercial documents, and thereby creates permanent electronic files. This feature is important to our clients in meeting their record keeping obligations.

CIMEX includes a Compliance Module, which is based on the focus areas identified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the Importer Self-Assessment Program. The Compliance Module is designed to measure substantive compliance against the requirements for tariff classification, appraisement, country of origin, and eligibility under free- trade agreements and special duty programs, among others. The module can be customized to reflect the specific business operations of each client. All necessary information to prove or test the compliance of any transaction is located in one secure, central data repository, accessible via a secure web-enabled portal.