FTZ & Bonded Warehouse Services

Charter facilitates the prompt and efficient clearance of imported and exported goods into and from foreign-trade zones and bonded warehouse terminals. In fact, Charter is the premier provider of customs services in support of FTZ and bonded terminal operations for the supply of “foreign-status” jet fuel to domestic and international carriers in the U.S. Our services include documentation, inventory tracking, record keeping, reporting and audit support.

Under federal law, jet fuel in “foreign-status” is exempt from duties and from state and local sales and excise taxation. “Foreign-status” jet fuel refers to jet fuel that is imported under customs bond without the payment of duty for use on aircraft engaged in international or other qualified flights. The term also refers to jet fuel produced in a domestic petroleum refinery that has been designated as a foreign-trade zone. Foreign-status fuel is routinely stored in foreign-trade zones or bonded terminals until withdrawn for use on qualified flights.

Charter maintains a proprietary Fuel Inventory Tracking System (FITS) that enables it to collect, maintain and process data related to the receipt, storage and use of foreign-status jet fuel as well as generate the records and reports needed for customs compliance. Charter’s clients consist of major U.S. and foreign airlines, major U.S. petroleum companies that supply jet fuel and the airport consortia that are owned by the airlines and operate jet fuel storage and delivery facilities at and adjacent to major airports.

Compliance with the complex and detailed laws and regulations administered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection is necessary to maintain foreign status, thereby preserving the tax exemption benefit afforded foreign-status jet fuel.

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