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Import & Export Clearance

Charter brokers are customs clearance experts with detailed knowledge of import and export requirements, an expertise we make available to our clients

Custom Clearance Services

Charter Brokerage is the authority on customs clearance services. Charter works with its clients to review and understand business operations so that we can determine the tariff status of goods in advance of shipment. At Charter Brokerage our duty drawback experts confirm tariff classification, customs appraisement, country of origin, eligibility for entry under free-trade agreements or special duty programs, and the application of anti-dumping or countervailing duty orders, among all other customs requirements. This pro-active process allows clearance brokers to determine the correct amount of duties, taxes and fees payable on imports while facilitating the prompt and efficient import and export clearance of goods. It also helps in identifying potential duty drawback recoveries.

Charter clears import and export shipments at all ports in the United States and Canada. Charter was among the first licensed customs clearance brokers to participate in the Remote Location Filing Program. Our custom clearance services are the best solution because it provides results before goods even ship.

Other Government Agency Requirements

In addition to the customs laws and regulations, importers must understand and comply with the requirements of other government agencies (OGA’s), including (but not limited to): The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Agriculture (USDA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); US Fish and Wildlife (F&W), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Charter brokers are drawback experts with detailed knowledge of all OGA requirements as they relate to imports and exports and makes that global trade service expertise available to our clients.