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Careers at Charter allow employees to hone key international trade, logistics and business skills first developed through full time employment in the industry

About Us

Charter is a global trade services company, licensed to operate in the United States and Canada. We provide a wide range of services, and careers become available as needs arise. As a customs broker, freight forwarder, and drawback specialist, Charter provides prompt and efficient import and export clearance of merchandise. We also provide administrative and inventory-tracking services for the operation of foreign-trade zones and bonded warehouses. Charter is the industry leader in providing drawback services for the recovery of import duties, taxes and fees. Our careers provide specialists with infrastructure and tools they need to help clients. Since its inception, Charter has incorporated compliance into all its service offerings and now provides a complete customs solution for its clients. We believe compliance is the foundation for excellence in the trade process.


At Charter Brokerage LLC (“Charter”) we are always looking for talented individuals to join our workforce. Our employees have a proven rapport with colleagues and clients alike, and a passion for excellence. Our applicants should have a strong work ethic, be trade experts familiar with careers in the trade industry, and possess excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. Charter hires as needs arise, so please send your resume with a short description about you interest in Charter.

For NY jobs: Resumes@charterbrokerage.net

For TX jobs: ResumesTX@charterbrokerage.net

For IT related jobs: IT-Resumes@charterbrokerage.net


Charter Brokerage LLC (“Charter”) offers qualified applicants an opportunity to participate in Charter’s Intern Program. The Intern Program allows participants to learn key international trade, logistics and business skills in preparation for graduation and full time employment in the industry. Candidates will work with experienced industry experts and be exposed to a variety of international trade / customs operations, thereby building their skills through on-the-job professional training while continuing their education. The program is structured to allow participants to dedicate weekdays to their scholastic endeavors by providing weekend work hours.

Candidates for Charter’s Intern Program must be in good academic standing and within two years of their expected graduation date. Candidates must be enrolled in an undergraduate program that is related to Charter’s business (examples include but are not limited to: Business, Logistics, Trade, Information Technology, Law, etc.) Candidates will be required to work during times that would not conflict with normal class attendance, typically weekends and/or evening and night hours. Candidates will be expected to make an initial six (6) month or semester commitment at which time Charter will evaluate the candidate’s performance. Assuming the performance standards are met, then if mutually agreed upon by the candidate and Charter, the internship can be extended for six (6) month increments, not to exceed the candidate’s graduation.

Candidates meeting the above stated requirements should complete the Intern Program application form located below and emailed it to ResumesTX@Charterbrokerage.net. Please include a brief message in the body of the email explaining your interest in a career at Charter Brokerage.

Note: phone inquiries will NOT be taken regarding the status of your application.

Intern Program Application.pdf