Charter’s services are provided by a nationally recognized staff of experts specializing in customs, import, export, duty drawback and related matters.

Emilia J. Sattari

Vice President

Emilia Sattari is the vice president of brokerage operations at Charter Brokerage. She earned her Bachelor of Science in international trade from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Ms. Sattari’s expertise is in leading cross-functional teams and implementing operational excellence in import and export services. Her areas of knowledge include trade compliance, free-trade agreements, valuation methodologies, and classification, particularly for the petroleum, chemical, and metal industries. She analyzes clients’ needs and develops Charter’s procedures and policies to provide best-in-class customs filing services.

Ms. Sattari’s has held a wide range of distinct positions in Charter Brokerage’s international trade and compliance functions, always emphasizing knowledge, quality, and attention to detail.