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We incorporate compliance into all of our services, making us the leading broker for companies that have a serious commitment to customs compliance.

Duty Drawback and Tax Recovery

Drawback & Tax Recovery Services

Duty drawback is when 99% of duties paid on U.S. imports are refunded. If you are an importer (or buy from an importer), an exporter (or sell to an exporter) or a manufacturer, the new law HR 644 (TFTEA) provides opportunities for savings. Charter files claims for more duty and tax recoveries than all other U.S. service providers combined. Our legal experience, planning skills, high-level expertise and in-depth experience are simply unmatched by any other service provider. LEARN MORE

Import & Export Clearance Services

Charter Brokerage is the authority on customs clearance services and takes a pro-active approach to determine the tariff status of goods before they ship.  Charter confirms tariff classification, customs appraisement, country of origin, eligibility for entry under free-trade agreements or special duty programs, and the application of anti-dumping or countervailing duty orders, among all other customs requirements. LEARN MORE

FTZ & Bonded Warehouse Services

Charter facilitates the prompt and efficient clearance of imported and exported goods into and from foreign-trade zones and bonded warehouse terminals. Charter maintains a proprietary Fuel Inventory Tracking System (FITS) that enables it to collect, maintain and process data related to the receipt, storage and use of foreign-status jet fuel as well as generate the records and reports needed for customs compliance. LEARN MORE

Compliance Services

All merchandise imported into the US is subject to the customs laws related to entry and duty assessment, as set forth in the Tariff Act (19 U.S.C. § 1202 et seq.). Charter ensures that its clients comply with the ever-growing and increasingly complex rules that govern the international trade and customs processes. LEARN MORE

Consulting Services

Charter provides consulting and training so that our clients are able to meet their customs, import and export compliance obligations on both a transaction-by-transaction basis and in a more formal manner by assisting in the implementation of processes and procedures designed to meet practices identified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. LEARN MORE

Canadian Trade Services

Charter is licensed as a customs broker by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and provides complete customs, export and consulting services for companies importing into and exporting from Canada. Combined with our U.S. operations, Charter offers a single-point-of-contact solution for the demands of cross-border trade between Canada and the United States. LEARN MORE