Why Partner with a

Drawback Broker?


Improve Compliance

Drawback brokers help you:

File your drawback claims on-time to avoid costly fines

Identify internal process and structural changes to improve your compliance

Understand and expertly navigate drawback laws and regulations

Navigate desk reviews and audits

Drawback brokers help you:

Get more money back due to their knowledge, expertise, and creativity

File based on your business needs -whether that’s aimed at short-term refunds or total long-term savings

Understand the trade offs between different drawback strategies

Maximize savings

Save Time

Drawback brokers help you:

Prepare and file drawback claims so you can focus on managing your day-to-day imports and exports

Quickly identify the best drawback approach for your business

Get drawback support without having to add internal headcount

Technology & Data

Drawback brokers help you:

Get access to drawback technology that’s typically unavailable in-house

Get robust reporting and analytics

Handle large data sets from various sources to provide near real-time metrics

About Us

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Our duty drawback services have a proven track record in recovering more duties, taxes, and fees than any other U.S. service provider.