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Charter’s international trade specialists are industry leading customs clearance experts that have detailed knowledge of import & export requirements, an expertise we make available to our clients.

Custom Clearance Services

Charter Brokerage is the authority on customs clearance services.

Charter partners with its clients to review and understand business operations so that we can determine the tariff status of goods in advance of shipment. At Charter Brokerage, our experts confirm tariff classification, customs appraisement, country of origin, eligibility for entry under free-trade agreements or special duty programs, and the application of anti-dumping or countervailing duty orders, among other customs requirements. This process allows trade specialists to determine the correct amount of duties, taxes, and fees payable on imports while facilitating the prompt and efficient import and export clearance of goods. It also helps to identify potential duty-drawback recoveries or operations that would benefit from an FTZ.

Charter clears import and export shipments at all ports in the United States and Canada. Charter was among the first licensed customs clearance brokers to take part in the Remote Location Filing (RLF) program. Our customs clearance services provide significant benefits to our clients through the timely, efficient and most compliant clearance filings. Our proven compliance based review system results in fewer detentions and holds, fewer inquiries by governing agencies, thereby accelerating our client’s supply chain.

Compliance Transparency

Charter Brokerage’s proprietary software allows for flexibility and provides clients with total transparency.

The Client Web Portal is Charter’s automated, web-based system that is designed to collect, maintain, and report the data and documentation we compile and/or prepare for our clients. This state-of-the-art system allows clients to track the status of transactions, download and analyze import, export, FTZ and other customs-related transactional data and access electronic copies of all documents. The Client Web Portal maintains and makes data available at a detailed level not available on other systems. Our expansive document repository is integrated into our unparalleled data, resulting in a seamless interface of data and documents that is a powerful tool for fast, efficient, real-time review of all your transactions.

In addition to data collection, storage and reporting, the Client Web Portal system maintains electronic images of all customs and commercial documents, thereby creating electronic files of your trade critical documents. Our clients love this feature, as it helps them to meet their compliance and record-keeping obligations.

Other Participating Government Agency Requirements

In addition to the customs laws and regulations, importers must understand and comply with the requirements of other government agencies (OGA) also called Participating Government Agencies (PGA), including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Agriculture (USDA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Fish and Wildlife (F&W), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Charter’s experts have detailed knowledge of all OGA/PGA requirements as they relate to imports and exports.

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  • Charter Brokerage does not handle non-commercial, personal, non-business related imports. For questions regarding individuals, travelers or personnel effects to and from Canada, please contact CBSA at 1-800-461-9999.